FPPM - Eviction Process
All rents are due on the first day of each month.  We give our Tenants a five (5) days grace
period.  Therefore, rental payments need to be received no later than the 6th of each month.

If the rent is not received on the 6th, we contact the Tenant to understand the reason for non-
payment.  There are late fees on our standard leases for late rent payments.  The late fees vary
from $5.00 / day to $10.00 / day.

If an agreement has not been reached with the tenant by the 10th of the month, we post a '
days notice
' per Florida statute.  

If the Tenant has still not responded, we can file for eviction on your behalf.  Please consult our
fees schedule for eviction filing fees.

Once an eviction has been filed, the Sheriff's office will deliver a 5 days summons to the Tenant
(s) to respond.

Uncontested Eviction
If the Tenant fails to respond within 5 days, we will file a motion for default and a writ of
possession on your behalf.  The judge will then sign the motion for default (it takes between 15
and 30 days) and the writ of possession will be sent to the Sheriff's office.  We will then meet
with the Sheriff's deputy at the property to execute the writ and take possession of the property.

Contested Eviction
If the Tenant wants to contest the eviction, he/she needs to deposit the amount due in the court
registry.  They will then be a hearing in front of a judge and a court date may be set.  We cannot
represent you in this case.  Either the Landlord or his attorney must be present at the hearing.  
We can however recommend an attorney.

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